Cagayan Valley Association of Career Executives

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2010 Accomplishment Report

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2010 Accomplishment Highlights  
“Unifying and Transforming Executives into Action”

From an inspiring start in 2009, the Cagayan Valley Association of Career Executives (CVACE) has finally evolved into what its members have always aspired for, a  strong and dynamic regional organization of career executives. The determination and leadership of its officers as well as the members’ support  enabled the CVACE to achieve another string of milestones in CY 2010.

A major advocacy was for qualified officers in the region to take the CES Written Exam and seek eligibility. More than seventy supervising personnel participated in two Exam review sessions. The CVACE requested a local MATB which was approved by the CESB. This resulted to 19 CES Written Exam passers from those who took the exam last Aug. 27, in Tuguegarao City. Many of those who passed the exam recognize that the CVACE  initiative to conduct review classes and the scheduling of the exam in Tuguegarao City encouraged them to pursue their CES eligibility. To follow up on this, a coaching session for the Assessment Center was also successfully undertaken.

The members’  competencies as public managers and leaders was further enhanced through the conduct of executive trainings such as the Powerful Executive Presentations (PEP) in Jan. 25-26 and the holding of  CESB Strategic Conversations and CES CIRCLE Forum on Transformational Leadership last Feb 17.  

The Association also created greater awareness and esteem for its members  through the nomination of deserving officers for public service awards. The DOST RD Urduja Tejada is among this year’s four GAWAD CES awardees It also recognized  retired/re-assigned members for their valued support to the organization. It started  working on its official registration under the SEC.

On members personal welfare, a free accident insurance was provide and this is hoped to be further institutionalized through the planned establishment of a mutual fund.

The Association is also committed to its social responsibility as it believes that while its members have a career to nurture and nourish, it also has a society to serve and love.  Thus, a community outreach program dubbed “Adopt A Barangay” Project was launched in November 24, in time with the nationwide celebration of the Career Executive Service (CES) Day.

Once again, the CVACE aggressively collected annual dues, membership fees, imposed training registration fees and solicited support from member agencies to fund its numerous activities. The successful implementation of the Association’s activities for the year is attributed to the constant tracking of its program of activities by the Executive Board and to the multi-agency secretariat which ensured that these are kept on track and efficiently implemented as well.
    Not Implemented/ On-going
 1. Training on PEP, Jan. 25-261. Raffle Draw/ Bingo Socials
 2. RedCross Group Insurance, February

2. Semestral Aerobics/ Ballroom/YOGA Detox/ CVACE Intramurals

 3. CESB Strategic Conversations and Forum on Transformational Leadership, Feb. 17 3. Mutual Fund for members
 4. General Assembly, April 29
4. SEC Registration
 5. Election for Vacant ExBd Members, April 29
5. Review of the CVACE by-laws on membership qualifications
 6. Nomination to GAWAD CES, March
6. Creation of provincial CVACE Chapters
 7. MATB Review (2 Sessions) July 29-30, Aug. 24
7. Establishment of CVACE Office
 8. Localized MATB Exam, Aug. 27
8. Establishment of Agro-Forest Plantation Site for within the Regional Government Center (RGC)
 9. Assessment Center Coaching, Sept 9. Campaign for increased salary rates for CEOs  (redefinition of the CES Law)
 10. NUCESO Convention, September
10. Advocacy for the conferment of CESO Ranking to Eligibles not occupying third level positions
 11. Launching of Outreach Program, Nov. 24
11. Engagement in the provision of pooled consultancy services
 12. Quarterly Executive Board Meetings