Cagayan Valley Association of Career Executives

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2009 Accomplishment Report

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Reorganized through elections conducted in a General Assembly held on February 02, 2009, the new set of Officers, headed by RD Milagros A. Rimando as President, embarked on several milestones within the year, depicting a revitalized and enthusiastic band of Chief Executive Officers of the region.

Immediately after the February Assembly, a survey was floated to all members to gather ideas on how the association could further serve its members and attain organizational objectives. The members’ inputs formed the Association’s two-year Program of Activities which was approved by the Executive Board last March 2009.  A significant number of the Association’s programmed activities were already started and completed during the year.

A total of five committees under the Executive Board were organized and are actively operating. These include the Committee on Recruitment and Membership (CRM), Committee on Finance and Resource Mobilization (CFRM), Committee on Careerism and Continuing Education (CCCE), Committee on Sports and Socio-Cultural Events (CSSE) and Committee on Public Service (CPE).  To provide staff support to the several activities lined up for implementation, an inter-agency secretariat composed of representatives from several agencies was organized. To date, secretariat support has been enthusiastically provided by the DPWH, CSC, CDA, HDMF, NFA and NEDA in their respective committees and in other association activities.

Major gatherings  include the March 29, 2009 General Assembly in which  the members and officers were formally inducted followed by the approval of the association’s two-year activity program. The September 2009 General Assembly’s main accomplishment was the ratification of the  Association’s By-Laws and the institution of the practice of recognizing members who have contributed significantly to the to the Association. A Career Executive Officer (CEOs) Night was held in June 2009 to develop a stronger personal bond among members.

Last July 2009, the Association adopted its official logo from entries generated thorough a Logo Contest. The Official Logo symbolizes the CVACE as an agent of peaceful innovation and positive social metamorphosis.  It also depicts the partnership of its individual members and their desire for a fulfilling career in the civil service. A website is also expected to be launched in November 2009 and this will further facilitate the dissemination and exchange of information within the organization.

Funds for the Association are sourced through the payment of annual dues from the members and other fund raising activities. This November 20, 2009, a Bingo Social will be undertaken which is expected to generate about PhP200, 000 for the association. Other income generating activities will be planned for the succeeding year.

The professional and personal welfare of the members is an utmost concern. Activities for career advancement and continuing education of members are being planned while at the same time policies affecting careerism in government will be reviewed for possible enhancements. While members presently provide personal contributions to aid peers in need of assistance, a more reliable and permanent scheme such as a “Mutual Aid Fund” and group health insurance is expected to be implemented towards the year’s end. On the other hand, the Association’s commitment to public service will be realized through the adoption of an appropriate and institutionalized public service project that will also be implemented during the year.